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Demo Image A

A Amber
AAA (or AAB, AAC . . . etc., in sequence) Amended meteorological message (message type designator)
A/A Air-to-air
AAD Assigned altitude deviation
AAIM Aircraft autonomous integrity monitoring
AAL Above aerodrome level
ABI Advance boundary information
ABM Abeam
ABN Aerodrome beacon
ABT About
ABV Above
AC Altocumulus
ACARS† (to be pronounced “AY-CARS”) Aircraft communication addressing and reporting system
ACAS† Airborne collision avoidance system
ACC‡ Area control centre or area control
ACCID Notification of an aircraft accident
ACFT Aircraft
ACK Acknowledge
ACL Altimeter check location
ACN Aircraft classification number
ACP Acceptance (message type designator)
ACPT Accept or accepted
ACT Active or activated or activity
AD Aerodrome
ADA Advisory area
ADC Aerodrome chart
ADDN Addition or additional
ADF‡ Automatic direction-finding equipment
ADIZ† (to be pronounced “AY-DIZ”) Air defence identification zone
ADJ Adjacent
ADO Aerodrome office (specify service)
ADR Advisory route
ADS* The address (when this abbreviation is used to request a repetition, the question mark (IMI) precedes the abbreviation, e.g. IMI ADS) (to be used in AFS as a procedure signal)
ADS-B‡ Automatic dependent surveillance — broadcast
ADS-C‡ Automatic dependent surveillance — contract
ADSU Automatic dependent surveillance unit
ADVS Advisory service
ADZ Advise
AES Aircraft earth station
AFIL Flight plan filed in the air
AFIS Aerodrome flight information service
AFM Yes or affirm or affirmative or that is correct
AFS Aeronautical fixed service
AFT . . . After . . . (time or place)
AFTN‡ Aeronautical fixed telecommunication network
A/G Air-to-ground
AGA Aerodromes, air routes and ground aids
AGL Above ground level
AGN Again
AIC Aeronautical information circular
AIDC Air traffic services interfacility data communications
AIP Aeronautical information publication
AIRAC Aeronautical information regulation and control
AIREP† Air-report
AIRMET† Information concerning en-route weather phenomena which may affect the safety of low-level aircraft operations
AIS Aeronautical information services
ALA Alighting area
ALERFA† Alert phase
ALR Alerting (message type designator)
ALRS Alerting service
ALS Approach lighting system
ALT Altitude
ALTN Alternate or alternating (light alternates in colour)
ALTN Alternate (aerodrome)
AMA Area minimum altitude
AMD Amend or amended (used to indicate amended meteorological message; message type designator)
AMDT Amendment (AIP Amendment)
AMS Aeronautical mobile service
AMSL Above mean sea level
AMSS Aeronautical mobile satellite service
ANC . . . Aeronautical chart — 1:500 000 (followed by name/title)
ANCS . . . Aeronautical navigation chart — small scale (followed by name/title and scale)
ANS Answer
AOC . . . Aerodrome obstacle chart (followed by type and name/title)
AP Airport
APAPI† (to be pronounced “AY-PAPI”) Abbreviated precision approach path indicator
APCH Approach
APDC . . . Aircraft parking/docking chart (followed by name/title)
APN Apron
APP Approach control office or approach control or approach control service
APR April
APRX Approximate or approximately
APSG After passing
APV Approve or approved or approval
ARC Area chart
ARNG Arrange
ARO Air traffic services reporting office
ARP Aerodrome reference point
ARP Air-report (message type designator)
ARQ Automatic error correction
ARR Arrival (message type designator)
ARR Arrive or arrival
ARS Special air-report (message type designator)
ARST Arresting (specify (part of) aircraft arresting equipment)
AS Altostratus
ASC Ascend to or ascending to
ASDA Accelerate-stop distance available
ASE Altimetry system error
ASHTAM Special series NOTAM notifying, by means of a specific format, change in activity of a volcano, a volcanic eruption and/or volcanic ash cloud that is of significance to aircraft operations
ASPEEDG Airspeed gain
ASPEEDL Airspeed loss
ASPH Asphalt
AT . . . At (followed by time at which weather change is forecast to occur)
ATA‡ Actual time of arrival
ATC‡ Air traffic control (in general)
ATCSMAC. . Air traffic control surveillance minimum altitude chart (followed by name/title)
ATD‡ Actual time of departure
ATFM Air traffic flow management
ATIS† Automatic terminal information service
ATM Air traffic management
ATN Aeronautical telecommunication network
ATP . . . At . . . (time or place)
ATS Air traffic services
ATTN Attention
AT-VASIS† (to be pronounced “AY-TEE-VASIS”) Abbreviated T visual approach slope indicator system
ATZ Aerodrome traffic zone
AUG August
AUTH Authorized or authorization
AUW All up weight
AUX Auxiliary
AVBL Available or availability
AVG Average
AVGAS† Aviation gasoline
AWTA Advise at what time able
AWY Airway
AZM Azimuth